Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shadow Chaser (Guide)

Shadow Chaser builds:

ASS (auto shadow spell type)

Following the teachings of the Thief Guild, Shadow Chasers can take advantage of its ability to deal a lot of damage in the quickest, possible time. But what makes it so special is this class' ability to combine ATK and MATK attributes to leave enemies with no other option but to accept its fate, DEATH. This build is perfect for PVM setup and can even act as Emperium Breakers during WOE. [1]

Stat allocation:

(example stat build)

STR - 73+ 6 (i make this 73 + 6 only cause you're main damage rely on magic/ASS)

AGI - 87 + 3 (this will give you decent attack speed that you need)

DEX - 92 + 3 (for your accuracy)

VIT - 93 + 7 (100 vit for stun immunity)

LUK - 40 + 5 (increase ATK and MATK, instead of str cause it needs more stats)

INT - 85 + 5 (when you're buffed with blessing you'll have 100 int that makes you immune to freeze)

Important skills:

Auto-Shadow Spell (SC Skill), Intimidate (Rogue/Stalker Skill) pref AOE skills (e.g. Storm Gust, Meteor Storm, Lord of Vermillion, Frost Nova)

proposed skill tree

Caster/stripper /support type

With the skills now present under the Shadow Chaser's tree, they can now decide on what skills they can utilize for a moment, and switch to another if necessary. The ability of the Shadow Chaser to mimic one's skill and use it to his opponent and change it the way he wants it makes them deadly citizens of Midgard. [1]

Stat allocation:

(example stat build)

STR - 1 + 6

AGI - 1 + 3

DEX - 107 + 3 (Casting and Strip Chance)

VIT - 94 + 7 (Stun Immunity)

LUK - 68 + 5 (Addional MATK)

INT - 115 + 5

Important skills:

Intimidate, Reproduce, divest skills and masquerade skills

proposed skill tree

Bow/stripper type

The ability of rogues to use bows as weapons are now refined by the Shadow Chaser class. Dealing MAX damage on long range attacks, Shadow Chasers can now take advantage of its hi-ASPD making their opponents "dead" before they reach them. Long range attacks can be now SPAMMED as if there's no tomorrow. Good build for PVM Shadow Chasers. [1]

Stat allocation:

(example stat build)

STR - 1 + 6

AGI - 97 + 3 (flee)

DEX - 107 + 3 (damage and Strip Chance)

VIT - 93 + 7 (Stun Immunity)

LUK - 30 + 5 (Addional ATK)

INT - 95 + 5

Important skills:

Double strife, triangle shot, divest skills and masquerade skills

proposed skill tree




I don’t own this guide. This is only a compilation of gathered information based on the data I found in the following sites:


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